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Businesses Supporting Law Enforcement

Businesses Supporting Law Enforcement

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The Local Fresh Grill Supports Law Enforcement

"Blaming all cops for a few tragic mistakes and bad judgement is simply an exaggeration of the truth"

Ron Pentaude, Owner of The Local Fresh Grill of Pasco

Supporters around the Country

Hi! thank you for supporting the officers in your area and not being afraid to admit it! I live in MN, my husband is an officer and they dont get the recognition they deserve.. I'd like to purchase a $50 gift card to pay it forward to a few officers if I could? how could I go about doing this? THANK YOU!! 💙

Thank you so much for your support of first responders. It is so refreshing to know that support is still out there. If I lived in your area, I would definitely support your business. Thank you from Nevada!

A message from a Cop in Michigan, Thank you. The next time I'm in FL I'll stop by!

I’m not a Florida resident, but I wanted to say thank you for supporting the thin blue line!!!

Thank you for support police. We are all trying to make the world a better place and Police don’t deserve to be scapegoats for all of societal problems.

I applaud you for standing up to the BS. God Bless you and your business

You will definitely have my business GREAT JOB MUCH RESPECT FOR SURE MAKING YOUR RESTAURANT A SAFE HAVEN FOR OFFICERS... I for ever bleed blue and can’t express how grateful this is to me and to all the families of officers

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Law Enforcement Safe Harbor

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